Guiding families in finding care
for an aging loved one.

We help you make informed decisions and find peace in your choices.

Senior Living Advisors helps seniors and their families.

Who We Help

Seniors & families who seek senior living options for those with greater care needs in the Austin area.

Medical infirmities and dementia can require difficult life-changing decisions for your loved one, as living independently may no longer be a safe option. Where will they live? What special care do they need?  What kind of environment will nurture them?

We help you find the best answers.

Senior Living Advisors in Austin know how to find the place for you and your loved ones.

What We Don’t Do

Rush – Our personalized service proceeds at our client’s pace.

If you are just starting to gather information, we can help. If you are frustrated by sales calls offering little detailed information, Senior Living Advisors of Austin will provide all care, comfort & community information so you can make informed decisions. If you have an immediate situation, we will match that urgency with the most expedited service & meet the need.

Sell – Client First

Upon conducting our discovery process, we recommend communities & services based on identified needs. We accompany you on tours as your advisor, not as a salesperson promoting any community. We advocate for what’s in the best interest of your loved one. Once a community is selected, that organization’s sales team handles the transaction of the apartment or room.

Get Paid By the Client for Placement

Our senior living placement services are complementary to clients & their families; we are paid by senior communities after a client moves in on our suggestion. While not all senior communities participate in this arrangement, we have firsthand knowledge of every community in the Austin area as every one offers different levels of care and accommodation. Our priority is to advocate for our client’s best care.

Get Started

The process of making elder care decisions can be daunting & no one should have to walk this journey alone. Senior Living Advisors of Austin is your support and advocate every step of the way.

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